With modern cellular networks being required to carry more and more data and to provide a stable platform for voice calling, the testing of your network has never been more critical.

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Measurements can be required for ongoing optimisation, troubleshooting a specific area/issue, verifying the performance of a new site, pre and post validation of a network upgrade or reconfiguration or even for a new technology or frequency (single site validation and cluster validation).

We can simulate a wireless user on your network via the use of UE's connected to drive test software, validate coverage/interference via the use of scanners or even pair a scanner with a signal generator to validate a new site in a difficult area.

Drive testing can be provided as a standalone service or as part of a package where the data is processed by our team of experts and then recommendations made to you to how best to modify your network for the optimal configuration (including areas highlighted for a new site/cell).

Our services are normally completed in a vehicle. However, we have also completed testing with the use of a pedestrian, motorbike and bicycle options to cover a variety of scenarios and get drive test data in areas where a vehicle wouldn't be able to access. Also able to test using trains, underground & boats for specialist scenarios (rail line coverage validation, costal validation and interference validation - especially critical around Ports of Entry).

We have extensive experience of working with and for operators and different types of measurement devices which are tailored to the specific requirements.

Experienced users of Infovista's TEMS™, Keysight’s Nemo & DingLi's Pilot Pioneer drive testing platforms. PCTEL and Rhode & Schwarz scanners. We do not just offer a one size fits all package with the software of our choice. We will use the correct software aligned to your standard practices.

We offer (but are not limited to) the following types of testing:
CS & PS calling
Video calling
Frequency scanning
CW scanning
Throughput testing
QoE validation
QoS validation
MoS validation
IPERF testing
Real-time customer experience testing using a device or set of devices in a static or mobile environment for key events/venues

Experienced using MapInfo Professional and working very closely with an external company to provide MapInfo MapBasic tooling to automate tasks. Experienced users with Infovista's TEMS™ Discovery, Keysight’s Nemo Analyze & DingLi's Pilot Pioneer Expert.

KPI reports for Signal Strength (RxLevel, RSCP, RSRP), Signal Quality (RxQual, EcIo, RSRQ/SNR), handovers and dominance.

Recommendations for missing handovers, crossed feeder configurations, downtilts to correct pollution, uptilts to improve dominance, new site search areas where optimisation changes have not been able to correct a coverage gap.